Best Sportsbooks

Finding the best sportsbook is sometimes overwhelming. There are tons of them out there, and they are definitely not all equal. Some sportsbooks are better than others, so if you are serious about making money betting on your favorite teams, you need to know what to look for. Look at the sports you bet on, how you bet on them, and the amounts that you bet. Also, ask yourself what you’re looking for in a book so that you can ensure that whenever you do deposit money somewhere that you are working toward that goal. Betting is supposed to be fun, but you also should be making sure that you’re giving yourself a fighting chance to make a consistent profit.

Here are a few big things that you should be looking for:


There are two main focuses when it comes to the featured sport. European books tend to focus on soccer, and those that cater to Americans cater to American football. Even these books will still have other sports, but the ones that have the most depth will certainly make sure it’s the sport that brings them the most business. In the end, it doesn’t make a huge difference if you are making traditional bets; the only difference will be more exotic wagers.


Once you find a book that has a good selection on the sports you are interested in, you need to look at their reputation. Sites like and have great reputations amongst bettors all over the world, so you can be sure that your money is in safe hands. When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, it will get to you, and it will get to you in a timely manner. Many sites of lesser quality try to attract your business with promotions and bonuses, but there’s no point in falling for these gimmicks since there’s a slight chance that you will never get to see that bonus at all. What’s the point of going with the book that promises an extra $1,000 if you will never get it? Go with the book that gives you security and peace of mind with your cash, not the shiny distractions.


This is a big one. The line is what will make and break you once everything else is set up correctly. Let’s assume that you have the types of bets you want at a sportsbook that you trust. Now, you need to make sure that you’re getting some bang for your buck. The line is essentially how much the book will pay you on a correct wager. If you bet on Manchester United to win with a line of -170, you need to bet $170 to profit $100. But, if another book has the same bet with a line set at -150, you can risk $20 less to make the same profit. From a business point of view, this is incredibly smart because the reward is the same, but you risk less to get it. In the long run, two bettors of equal talent will find amazingly different results just by a difference like this in how they select where to bet. has long been renowned for having the best overall lines, but this is, of course, dependent upon what sports you are betting on and in what manner. and also have good histories with offering top notch lines from time to time.

Next, once you have your top picks in place, look at the little things:

Promo Codes

If two books seem to be quite equal, having a code for promotions on one site gives it an advantage over the other. Let’s say both books have a 50 percent first deposit match bonus, but you find a promo code for one that increases that to 100 percent, you are essentially doubling the amount of free money that you are receiving. If you deposit $1,000 on your first time, one site will give you $500, the other gives you $1,000. This should make your choice easy. Almost all books have bonuses now, but finding extra promo codes online or through another trusted source can tilt the scales toward one being far superior to the other.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Getting your money into a book is the same everywhere, right? It’s really not. You’ll find that every book makes it easy to deposit, but not all make it easy to withdraw. You will find that reputable books have safety measures in place to guarantee that it’s really you getting your money so you will need to supply proof of residence and an ID, but this can be done right after you create an account in order to speed up the process. This is done to protect your cash from fraudulent activity and it’s an industry standard. More than this is unreasonable. You shouldn’t have to wait a month to get a check for your winnings. The top sites, like and make sure that your check, wire transfer, or credit card refund are all done in as timely and safe of a manner as possible.

Make sure you read all the reviews on this site before making a decision.