Sports betting can be a time consuming and complex venture. There’s a lot of possibility for profits, but there’s also a lot of possibility for losing your money. After spending hours of your time researching, losing money is the last thing that you want to do. That’s where Sports Trader comes in. By taking a unique approach to sports betting, Sports Trader doesn’t ask you to make those hard betting decisions, but rather to choose a system and invest your money.

Try it For Yourself

This concept is a tough one to grasp at first but thinking about it like the stock market is a helpful comparison. Let’s say you find a mutual fund that has had a really impressive track record over the last several years, so you invest your money in it. You are not the one making the decisions regarding which stocks are a part of that fund—that’s up to the fund manager. The systems on Sports Trader are similar to this. You choose the system or systems that you wish to use, and the bets are given to you. In this regard, you see all of the benefits of winning bets, but don’t need to put in the hours of research to pick each one individually.


One of the cool things about Sports Trader is that it gives you freedom over which systems you wish to follow. There are over 150 different systems run by professionals, and their past results are completely transparent. This goes for both the historical return on investment that the system has generated and the individual picks that led to that return. You can see a breakdown of exactly which bets were made and whether they were profitable or not. These things will change over time so it allows you to customize where you put your money on a day to day basis. This way, if the system that you originally chose hits a losing streak, you can move over to a more profitable one. You can even look at more than one fund at a time if you want.

How Does it Work?

Sports Trader is not a cheap operation to run. With so many systems running and so many different bets made—not to mention the research that goes into all of this—Sports Trader works because of the amount of money that has been invested in it. Again, think about the stock market and the concept of compound interest. When your investments start earning money, you can put your money back into that investment and grow it even more rapidly. Just like this, the money that goes into Sports Trader helps it to keep growing and keep earning more money.

In return for the fee that you pay Sports Trader, you are rewarded with access to their analysis bot. This is downloaded as an app and gives you access to the bets that are made within the systems of your choice. In other words, for a fee, you get access to betting “funds” that have a proven history of success and the analysis software that drives those funds.

How Do I Sign Up for Sports Trader?

Signing up for Sports Trader is quick and easy. You need to fill out a few basic pieces of information, pay for it, and then download the app. The whole process only takes a few minutes and gives you instant access to a lot of sports betting information. You can even download a trial version of the site without a credit card, if you desire. More information on this below.

How Do I Use Sports Trader?

Once you sign up for an account with Sports Trader, you need to download their app. About 2 or 3 hours before the game of your choice begins, all of the information that you need to be successful will be given to you. This information is all extremely detailed. You will get the exact bets that you need, with the ideal odds to bet on. You will even be given an exact dollar amount to place on each wager.

Unlike a mutual fund, the actual bets are not made for you. However, each individual bet is figured out. You can then choose to follow that advice exactly with your sports book, or to pick and choose which bets to make. Following the Sports Trader advice exactly is what’s recommended, but you can determine on your own whether you want to do this or not. You can even create and back test your own system if you wish. This feature comes with the VIP access to the site. For those that enjoy the research process and placing their own bets, this can be a valuable addition to your use of the site. However, to use this site on a more general basis, no real sports betting experience is necessary.

The Sports Trader software is available on both Apple and Android products.

And don’t forget, if you’re not 100 percent happy with Sports Trader, you can instantly cancel your account. There are no extra fees for doing so and no questions asked. Just send a message to the site and your account is canceled. Even this is completely user friendly.

If you have questions about Sports Trader, you can always sign up for a free trial of the software. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. This allows you to try everything on the site out for a limited time. If you like what you see, then you can always upgrade to a paid account later. If you don’t, there’s no risk involved. Just quit using it. You don’t need to supply a credit card number to gain access to the free trial. That’s how confident the team at Sports Trader is about their product.

Give it a try for a while and see if it works for you. If not, there’s no need to invest any money in the site. But if Sports Trader is helpful for you, the money that you spend on it will quickly be surpassed by profits.

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