One of the most exciting things about the Super Bowl for serious sports fans isn’t the commercials, but rather the unique prop bets that some sports books offer. The Super Bowl is the most heavily bet upon game of any sport throughout the year, and the books know this. It’s because of this, in fact, that they present us with so many different bets to take advantage of.

So of these are pretty tame in nature. These include which coach will be mentioned first on broadcast television, how long the National Anthem will take to perform, or whether Bill Belichick will smile on camera or not. Others are a little crazier. These include trivial things like what color someone’s sweatshirt will be, whether a touchdown dance will be performed, or how many times Katy Perry will be mentioned in the first half of the game.

There are two approaches to these kinds of bets. One says that you should try to use logic or common sense to figure out what the most realistic choice would be. So, let’s consider the National Anthem question. You could do a quick search to see how long the song takes others to sing, then extrapolate that time onto Idina Menzel’s singing style. A quick Google search says that the average time over the last eight Super Bowls has been 1:56. Right now, the over/under on this year’s game is 2:01, which indicates that Menzel will be going over the average time. Some artists, like Billy Joel and Kelly Clarkson, have gone well under the average, while others have gone far over. If you have a good point of comparison, it should make this choice a little easier for you, but there is still a lot of uncertainty.

And that brings up the second point. These bets are almost impossible to determine with any sort of edge, and therefore, they are more “fun” bets than anything. They are only around during the big game, and the sports books know that people will make them on a whim. This is fine, just know that bets like this are extremely tough to bet with accuracy. If you go into them with this mindframe, they are actually quite entertaining and can be a great way to stay more involved with the game.

There is one small thing to do to try and maximize your prop bets. Remember the Gatorade prop? There is a method of trying to figure out which kind has been most popular in the past, but in reality, the past doesn’t really have any bearing on the future in this instance. Like roulette, each occurrence is completely independent of the last, and it’s not worthwhile to try and read the future by looking at the past. With this in mind, a bet like this should gravitate toward an option that has a higher payout. If the line for red Gatorade is -110, but it’s +105 on orange, orange will give you the best overall value here. Little things like this can be used on other prop bets, too, if you are sincerely trying to squeeze out an edge here and there. They are still bets that don’t have a good chance of winning, but you can gain a tiny edge from others making these bets with this method.

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