Best Baseball Betting Sites

There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration when comparing baseball betting sites. Reliability of payment is of course at the top of the list, but in addition to this, bet types, customer service, bonuses, and the betting interface need to be evaluated. Many sportsbooks offer baseball bets. However, not all of these sites are the same in what they offer. The following are a few of the top books offering wagers on baseball at this time.

Baseball Betting with the Right Odds

It comes down to several things, but picking the right site is key to winning.

One of the most popular online destinations for all bettors is Bovada. This online sportsbook allows players to get started with just a small $20 deposit, and is known for offering reliable and timely payment of winnings. Special bonuses are provided, including a deposit match for first-time depositors. Both player and game props are offered, and many of these come with excellent odds and low juice. Bovada does at times take longer to post the available baseball bets than other major books, but the advantages of betting with such a reliable company do outweigh this drawback.
Betting the MLB
Another popular option for player is BetOnline. This sportsbook provides promptly updated lines for games which will take place on the day, allowing players plenty of time to plan out their bets in advance. All of the standard bet types are included, along with the opportunity to wager on which of two teams will win a series. BetOnline does accept players who reside in the United States (Bovada does as well), and this book provides several payment options for the withdrawal of earnings. If there is any drawback worth reporting, it would be the fact that their betting screens can be tough to read at first due to the fact that so much information is provided. Even so, it does not take players long to become familiar with the interface.

5Dimes is widely known as one of the best baseball betting sites. Their easy to use interface is one of the reasons for this. Once a sport has been selected, players can enter multiple bets at one time, using different wager amounts if they wish. There are a multitude of of prop bets to choose from, along with additional betting options. There really are no drawbacks to report in relation to 5Dimes. Some feel that their interface is a bit too simplistic, but it is hard to imagine that this would truly be a problem for a player. If anything, a simpler layout will help new players get started.

Other sportsbooks to consider include 888 Sport, SportingBet, and William Hill. Each of these provide a large variety of wager options and each is known to offer reliable payment of winnings. Each also offers a variety of bonus offers, promotions, and different betting options aside from only sports such as casino games and poker. Since there is no limit in regard to how many books a player can use, any of these can be used in combination to another. This may actually be a wise idea, as access to more than one book allows a player to always be able to select the best odds and lowest fees.

The baseball season is long and offers a multitude of betting opportunities seven days a week once the season commences. If a sportsbook does not offer what you need, simply move on. There are plenty to choose from and no reason to settle for anything less than the exact features you desire. The aforementioned books are some of the best baseball betting sites in operation today, so do consider checking each of the out prior to making your final selection.
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