The Open Championship Picks 2017

The Open Championship kicks off this Thursday, the third of the four Major Championships of the PGA Tour. If you’re going to be placing a bet, it’s always smart to look for overlays, and forget about bets that don’t have great payouts, even if the golfer is hot. Pro golf is one of those sports where even a great golfer doesn’t have a sure chance of winning a Major. Not only are most of the best golfers in the world entered, there’s such a high amount of variance in a single tournament that even an outsider could surprise us and win.

Before you lock in any bets at Bovada, be sure to read over our value play analysis. Hopefully this will help you to conceive of a better betting strategy and improve your chances of winning money. Continue reading

PGA Tour Championship 2016 Betting Picks

Our Final Event of 2016

According to the Las Vegas sportsbooks, the favorite to win the PGA Tour Championship is now Dustin Johnson. This is no surprise to us, especially considering how consistent he has been this season and that fact that he is at his peak performance right now on top of that. What did surprise us was how little most sportsbooks are paying out for him if he wins. The odds that are returned to you if he is the winner stand around +450 right now. That’s not nearly as bad as they could be, but in a field with this much depth, we expected at least another +150 on top of this.

For Johnson to be a worthwhile bet, he needs to have a better than 22 percent chance of winning this tournament. While he’s certainly performing at a much better level than others here, there’s very little chance of him being able to hold off the likes of Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth over the course of a large number of samples in a tournament setting like this. So while Johnson is a great bet, he’s not great enough at +450 to be a consistent choice. We’d really like to see him at +600, although a price of +550 is probably safe on him. Continue reading

2017 Super Bowl Betting Preview

The Super Bowl Champion Will Be

The 2016 NFL season is about to kick off! This season promises to be exciting, and after all of the events of last postseason and the summer, this is one of the most highly hyped football seasons in recent history. If you don’t know who the favorite team is to win the Super Bowl this year, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s take a look at what the sports books say, and whether or not those are good choices for your own betting.

Right now, many books have the New England Patriots listed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. This is a bold call, especially as Tom Brady is suspended for a portion of the season. The line is +750, on average, which is actually a pretty fair number. The reality is, even with Brady missing some of the season, he’s not sitting out long enough to take away New England’s chances of making the playoffs. Continue reading

PGA Championship Preview

Who Will Pull Out the Win

Thursday, July 28th, marks the beginning of the PGA Championship, held at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. The Championship will be held on the Lower Course, and this is one of the nicest, most beautiful courses in the U.S. Whether you’re going to the course itself to watch, you’re planning on watching it on TV, or if you are just going to put together a fantasy golf lineup and then watch the results pour in, this is one of the biggest Championships of the year, and the talent pool here is the best we’ve seen all year.
Much of this is because of the huge amount of money up for grabs here. The purse stands at $10 million, which is tied for the largest purse of the season with the other two U.S. based Majors, The Masters and the U.S. Open Championship. Continue reading

US Open Championship Shapes up at Oakmont

Looking for a New Champ

Starting on Thursday, June xx, the U.S. Open Championship kicks off. This four day tournament is the second Major Championship of the 2016 PGA Tour, and the field looks a lot more uncertain than it did last year. Last year, after his stunning performance at The Masters, Jordan Spieth was a strong favorite going into the U.S. Open, but that’s certainly not the case this year. Let’s take a look at who the sports books like, what the payouts are if they take the win, and how you should approach your own bets.

Right now, the overwhelming favorite for this tournament is Jason Day. The consensus return on him is currently +700. Following closely behind him are Spieth and Rory McIlroy, at +800 and +850, respectively. All of these seem like great deals, especially because of how dominant they are or have been. There are concerns with all three of them, though, and it’s hard to see at first glance which, if any, are going to be good bets, and which are throwing your money away. Continue reading

Belmont Stakes Preview 2016

Belmont Stakes Winner

On Saturday, June 11th, the Belmont Stakes conclude this year’s Triple Crown races. We already know that there cannot be a Triple Crown winner this year as Nyquil was beaten in the Preakness Stakes a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that Belmont will not be a big race. Nyquist will not be racing here, but several other Derby horses are. If you’re going to be betting on this race, make sure you know what you’re up against before you place a bet.

Other than Nyquist not being entered, the big news for this race is that Exaggerator’s jockey, Kent Desormeaux, has been being treated in alcohol rehab. Exaggerator won the Preakness with style, and media releases do claim that Desormeaux will be riding him for the Belmont, but it’s easy to wonder whether or not he will be ready for this level of competition so soon. He has struggled with alcohol in the past, and was fined last year for being under the influence at a race. Everyone is backing his struggle for sobriety, but it’s natural to question whether or not he will be mentally ready to race by Saturday. He’s expected to be in New York by then. Continue reading

2016 NBA Finals are Here

2016 NBA Finals Start

The teams for the NBA Finals have finally been decided upon: the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to most sports books, the Warriors are and have been the big favorite for this matchup. According to most books, the Warriors are priced at -215 with the Cavs sitting at +180. And while the Warriors are the defending champions, the Cavaliers have some of the strongest players in the game. This will definitely be an exciting series.

Looking at how the Warriors did in the playoffs shows a slightly different story than what a lot of the sportsbooks are indicating. The Warriors had a great comeback against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but they showed some big signs of weakness early in the series. They lost the first couple games, and the series had to go seven games. Steph Curry finally found his groove and put on a great show, but it was uncertain for a bit. Continue reading

When to Parlay

Parlays Can Win Big

Parlays are one of the more popular exotic type bets that you will find in sports betting, and for good reason. You won’t win them often, but when you do they have huge payouts. This of course begs a very interesting question: when is it correct to use a parlay, and when should they be avoided? Here, we will quickly break down the math for you so that you can see on a better level whether using a parlay in your own bets is a profitable move, or if it is more of a needless risk.

Definition of the Parlay

First, let’s make sure we are on the same page with what a parlay actually is. A parlay is a bet involving more than one team, and in order for your bet to be considered a winner, all portions of the bet must be considered winners. Continue reading

NBA Finals Betting Preview

Golden State Making Another Run

The NBA Finals is one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans. With the just a handful of teams remaining, now is the best time to place a bet on who you think will win it all thanks to the better odds you will receive.

Right now, the overwhelming favorite is the defending champion, the Golden State Warriors. However, with Steph Curry still fighting an injury, the team is severely weakened and the -125 odds that many sportsbooks are giving the Warriors is probably not enough, especially if Curry is absent from any more games. His coaches have been smart in resting him when they can win without him, so it will be interesting to see if he plays. That’s all still up in the air. If he plays and he’s healthy, this is a great deal. We’d even be willing to take worse odds on the Warriors, maybe even as low as -200. But with Curry questionable, that’s not a bet we’re willing to take yet. Continue reading

The Players Championship Betting Guide

Should You Bet on Phil Mickelson

The Players Championship is the next Major Championship of the PGA Tour, and early on, the sports books are saying that Rory McIlroy is the favorite to win it all. The general consensus gives him a payout of +750. Right behind him is Jordan Spieth with a payout of +950. For our money, neither of those bets are worth taking, especially considering the start to the season that both golfers have had. There’s no doubt that they are great golfers capable of winning this, but with what we’ve seen so far, these payouts are far too low. If you can find Spieth at +1200 or higher, than we suggest drafting him. For McIlroy, we recommend +1500 or higher. Otherwise, it’s best to hold off and find better overlays somewhere else. Continue reading