Betting on Golf

Golf tournament bets have certainly evolved of the years. There was a time when sportbooks would only offer wager opportunities which were based on odds or tournament winners. Today, players will find many different golf bets that provide excellent value for those who know the game. While PGA tournaments continue to be the most popular selection for bettors, LPGA and EPGA options are available as well. During the Majors, most books include a variety of prop bets, with some also offering live betting.

Betting on Golf Can Make the Game So Much Fun

Promo Codes for Golf events definitely come during the major part of the golf season.

Every online sportsbook is going to offer lines for the PGA, but for better lines on EPGA, players will want to check out books which place more focus on European sports. Tournament bets are easy to find for LPGA, but props, head-to-head, and 3 Ball are not. Players may not be able to find a book that offers it all, but the good news is that more than one book can be used.
Golf Betting All Day
For attractive PGA, EPGA, and LPGA lines, look no further than 5Dimes. In addition to standard lines, this sportsbook also offers props and futures bets. Their DynamicLines interface makes it easy to not only place bets, but also to monitor open bets at any time. Although their website is certainly not as attractive as some of the other books, 5Dimes is known for offering a huge variety of bets each day, while also being known for their reliable payments and low vig. U.S. players are welcome, as are handicappers outside of the United States.

BetOnline offers bets that primarily focus on PGA and LPGA. However, golf tournament bets are available for EPGA as well. This U.S.-friendly sportsbook does offer futures for the Masters, along with all of the standard bets would would expect to find when betting online. Bet Online offers an attractive perk in the form of Betting Edge, which is a consistently updated stream of advice that comes from professional handicappers. While players will of course want to make their own decisions, advantages can come from reading the opinions of those who understand trends and statistics.

Bovada is yet another book that accepts U.S. players. Although some feel that their vig is a tad high on prop bets, it is tough to find better odds than what they offer. Unique lines are offered for tournament winners, head-to-head matchups, futures, and in-play wagers. PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour are all covered. Minimum bets start at only $1 on certain wager types, with the maximum amount capped at $5,000. Bovada has been in operation since 1994, making them one of the more established books available to those who wish to bet online.

It is tough to pick tournament winners when betting online. Handicappers in search of consistent wins will find better odds on 3 Ball and head-to-head bets. Odds can and should be compared prior to placing a bet. In addition to the books already mentioned, books such as Sportsbook, William Hill, 888 Sport, and SportingBet can be considered. Each of these provide a nice variety of golf bets, but do pay close attention to the vig being charged on prop bets. Some bookmakers offer reasonable vig, while others ask too much. Just like odds, juice can be compared among books.

The aforementioned online sportsbooks listed offer the widest variety of bets, along with reasonably low vig and several different deposit and withdrawal options. Not all of these books welcome U.S. players due to regulations, but many do. Due to the fact that odds vary quite a bit when betting on golf, serious handicappers will want to have open accounts with a number of reliable books. Doing so will allow players to compare lines and take advantage of the best odds on golf tournament bets.